Young + Wild: Our Top 3 Piccs for Fall

As much as we all have a bad case of summer loving, fall is here, and the growing chill is undeniable. And with the growing chill comes the ever increasing flurry of fall trends, all competing for your attention. That’s why, this fall, we’ve decided to narrow down all the marvelous clothing fall has in store for you to our top three must-have looks. Just follow your favorite piccs to make your fall fantasy look come to life. But for now, follow us into the depths of the forest, where dreams are fact, and fantasies are reality. You might just find more than a jacket or two.

The Reveler: Fur You

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When others shy away from the cold, she embraces it. Wrapped in fur, she navigates the woodland, fingers briefly intertwining with branches and the last remaining leaves the forest has to offer. She’s elegant but primordial, innocent but worldly, tame but savage. She encapsulates everything and reveals nothing. She’s what she chooses to be, and what she chooses to be is anything but ordinary.

The Debonair Affair: Suit it

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A calm veneer covers the intensity of his wild youth, while he reclines in the most debonair of fashions, lazily regarding a sinfully delectable treat. He is unafraid of the creeping shadows flickering through trees, disappearing into fallen leaves, poking through arching roots. He is sure, confident and relentless in his quest for self exploration, perhaps the most perilous journey of his age. But it’s nonetheless his journey, and he’s going to own it.

The Belladonna: Leather + Lace

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She pushes her way into the misty wood. Draped in lace and pearls, she stands out against the browning remnants of summer, the darkness slowly creeping in on the periphery. She looks out of place, but that’s their mistake, not hers. She slides her hands over ripples of lace and silk till her fingers clasp the hem of her dress. She reveals her resolve, all of a sudden those of lace and leather collide and settle into what isn’t strange or uncanny. It’s her, and she’s more than one thing. She’s everything at once. She makes the rules, would you care to play?

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Photographer: Shanna Jones Photography

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