We’re going through changes

Piccing users, have we got some big news for you! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make the Piccing platform easier to use and all the more enjoyable. These new features are all about streamlining and making things simpler and better for you, our lovely user.

Now, we know some people aren’t massive fans of change, but we promise you’ll welcome these few tweaks with open arms. So what’s new with you? Here’s what’s new with us:

Now only YOU can picc your own images

Which means no more awkward piccs placed on your beautiful curated images. But what if you want to share someone else’s images, you ask? You still can but the image will be shared without other users’ placed piccs. So you’re free to add your own piccs as and when you choose. A dream!

Your profile only has ONE stream now4

Following the above change your profile streams will now be condensed into one, rather than split between “shared” and “picc’d” images. No more remembering which image is where. A rather sassy streamlined experience we think.

Share the LINK love

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, now you can add you Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblir and any other social media links you may have to your Piccing profile. Including your social links adds more punch to your picture-perfect profile. Now ain’t that a treat!


Have any more questions? Feel free to drop us a mail at hello@piccing.com or take a look at our FAQs, here.

Ready to enjoy these new features? Get Piccing!


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