Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day: Your Top 10 Alternative Gift Guide

If you follow the roses and chocolate with a complementary teddy bear Valentine’s Day script, you might find your partner scoffing down that heart-shaped box of chocolates you bought — either to compensate for the emotional trauma, or because a sugar rush might be the most exhilarating thing they’ve experienced all day. So in the spirit of not being stabbed with the long-stemmed rose from sheer boredom, we’ve decided to help a brother out with our alternative gift guide. Satisfaction for both partners guaranteed. 1. Roses that Last Click on the image to get your alternative Valentine’s Day goodies. Get piccing now. Some people love flowers. But let’s get this straight. It’s in no way romantic to make your beloved watch the supposed symbol of your undying love decay and die over a week. And then you have to clean the mess, like those guys in the white hazmat suits after they’ve cleared…

The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

If Cupid has not been kind to you this Valentine’s Day, instead of crying into your cupcake, try one of these fun ideas to survive the dreaded loved-up day. All the Single Ladies If you feel like celebrating singledom then rally up some single friends (anybody, out there?) and go for dinner, drinks or dancing. Or, do all three if there’s nothing good on TV. But, whatever you do, don’t accept a date from “dandruff Dan” from accounts. Get some inspiration for girl’s night out here. For Me? No! Treat yourself a big ol’ bunch of over-priced flowers. Even though you may end up spending more on them than you do on rent, you’ll feel great. Plus, if you place them in the entrance area the pizza guy will think the large family-sized pizza your ordered is actually for two. Flirt with flower ideas here. A DVD Date with Destiny Why not…