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Cherry Picc’d: The Jungalow

We’re getting a little wild with our cherry picc’d blog this week, The Jungalow. Created by blogger and designer, Justina Blakeney, we highly doubt there is any better place to get your bohemian home decor inspiration. “I’ve always just seen the world as a colorful, crazy place, and a place where experimentation is allowed, and mistakes are allowed. It’s wild and funky, and spunky, and colorful, and fun, but also homey,” explains Blakeney. How can you not get on board with that aesthetic, especially since there’s so much more than design that Blakeney has on offer, like recipes (this coconut milk pumpkin soup looks too good not to try), crafts and style. And with that it’s into the wild we go! Here’s some of Blakeney’s featured decor that we’re admittedly obsessed with. What’s your top picc? Click on the image to get this home decor or something like it. Get Piccing now. Photo credit: The Jungalow.…