Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving Day Free Placemat Printable

It’s the eve before Thanksgiving. Which means you’re probably staring down the turkey on your counter, daring it to even think about drying out in the oven on its big day. No family should ever be subjected to dry turkey, and you’d prefer that your reputation goes untarnished. That said, certain areas might then go amiss when a turkey obsession takes hold, like some Thanksgiving decor. That’s why we’ve created this Thanksgiving placemat printable, which will only take a few minutes to print out while you’re slicing and dicing. It’s a great activity for the whole family, and it takes the stress of remembering what to be grateful for when you can’t remember where you put down your keys five minutes ago. We suggest you use brown paper for a rustic effect, or color it up to match a your centerpiece. Or maybe you opt for a hue to perfectly…