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Instapicc: Taylor Swift

It’s finally happening … T-Swift is making her first appearance on instapicc, and it’s a beauty. The little lass has been down under on tour, and taking some time off to make some local friends. She’s been seen cuddling koalas, being rebuffed by a kangaroo with Blake Lively, and now in a deep conversation with a cockatoo. Such is the life of a pop legend, but we’re more interested in her gorgeous holiday look than her feathery friend. That’s because we’re spreading the love this holiday by enabling you to instapicc all on your lonesome with our picc button! So if you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, and you see one of your favorite celebrities rocking a to-die-for item, just click the picc button and you can picc any item your trendy little heart desires! Find out more about the picc button here. Oh, and it’s not just for Instagram… There’s Facebook, Twitter,…

10 Things To Be Grateful For In 2015

It’s officially Thanksgiving Day, and hopefully you’re reading this while stuffing your face guilt free, because turkey. And pumpkin pie. But besides the cornucopia of deliciousness that is currently occupying your dining table, there are a few things we’re pretty grateful for this year. 2015 has definitely been tumultuous, but let’s look back on the highlights in pop culture that made us laugh, cry, and unite the world over. Don’t agree with our list, or want to add a few of your own top highlights, then comment and let us know! 1. Adele Click on the image to get Adele’s look. Get piccing now. This is obviously a biggie. After a lengthy hiatus, Adele has finally returned to our playlists with her new album, 25, and it’s safe to say that people pretty much freaked the hell out. Kate Hudson, along with other celebrities, broke down in tears, and we joined in…

Get T-Swift’s Fourth of July Bikini

Taylor Swift sported this sweet little swimsuit while celebrating the Fourth of July with friends and her man of the moment, Calvin Harris. Um, did you see his washboard abs below? No wonder T-swift is holding on to this steamboat. Anyway, sufficiently sidetracked,  back to the bikini. This particular one Taylor wears is from ASOS and only costs $45 —would you believe it? If you like it or something similar, have a little look on Piccing.                                                               Click on the image to get the look on Piccing. Image source: Taylor Swift’s Instagram account. 

Get the Look:Taylor Swift- Blank Space

Taylor Swift is a top contendor at this year’s Billboard Music Awards with her 1989 Album nominated for the Top Billboard 200 Album Award. She’s also nominated for Top Artist, Top Female Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Digital Artist, Top Radio Songs Artist, Top Social Artist, Top Streaming Artist and two Top Streaming Songs. Go, T! So to celebrate the awesomeness that is T-Swift we’ve decided to put together a Get the Look based on a scene from her Blank Space music video taken form her latest album. Out of all twenty outfits she wore throughout the video, this one was our favorite by far. Like what you see? Click on the image to find the Taylor Swift look you love on Piccing. Image source: Big Machine Records.