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Cherry Picc’d: The Jungalow

We’re getting a little wild with our cherry picc’d blog this week, The Jungalow. Created by blogger and designer, Justina Blakeney, we highly doubt there is any better place to get your bohemian home decor inspiration. “I’ve always just seen the world as a colorful, crazy place, and a place where experimentation is allowed, and mistakes are allowed. It’s wild and funky, and spunky, and colorful, and fun, but also homey,” explains Blakeney. How can you not get on board with that aesthetic, especially since there’s so much more than design that Blakeney has on offer, like recipes (this coconut milk pumpkin soup looks too good not to try), crafts and style. And with that it’s into the wild we go! Here’s some of Blakeney’s featured decor that we’re admittedly obsessed with. What’s your top picc? Click on the image to get this home decor or something like it. Get Piccing now. Photo credit: The Jungalow.…

Cherry Picc’d: The DIY Playbook

We’re in Chicago for some home decor fun with this week’s cherry picc’d blog, The DIY Playbook. The blog is run by best friends and home decor duo, Bridget and Casey. You can get a myriad of helpful DIY tips, decor tips, and they even have a post or two on their favorite seasonal fashion trends. These girls are doing it for themselves, which is impressive seeing as we all know how intimidating DIY can be when faced with something as simple as fixing nail holes in your wall. And with fall home decor trends abound, it’s the perfect time to get some inspiration flowing. These are some of the home decor marvels from The DIY Playbook that we adore. What’s your top picc? Click on the image to get this home decor or something like it. Get Piccing now. Photo credit: The DIY Playbook. Click on the image to get…

Instapicc: Bella Hadid

We’re changing it up this week with instapicc and the gorgeous Bella Hadid. Because why only picc her look when you can have her home decor too! Bella showed off her home comforts on Instagram, getting cozy on her sofa, and soaking up the last of the day’s rays. I mean, we’re one step from turning the kettle on and settling in between knitted cushions from staring at this post — not that we have a bustling modeling career, but a girl can dream. Like what you see? Then get Bella Hadid’s home decor and fashion here, on Piccing! Click on the image to get Bella Hadid’s look + home decor on Piccing. Image source: https://instagram.com/bellahadid/

PET Living with De Vorm

Click on the image to share it on Piccing. De Vorm shined at Milan Design Week 2015, with their sustainable and innovative PET (polyethylene terephthalate) felt furniture and design. The most eye-catching piece of the collection had to be PET Living, a collection of animals (an elephant, giraffe and lion) designed by Lorenzo Palmier. The shape of the animals, as well as the PET felt, combines to form the latest pieces in their acoustic product line that reduces ambient noise. The PET felt itself is an environmental marvel. It is made from PET plastic that are made into soft fibers and are completely recyclable. It seems that the design studio in Netherlands has beat most of the competition when it comes to producing a product that is trendy and minimalistic in more ways than one. A perfect addition to any room with its versatile palette and design, the Living PET…