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Piccing in the Press

“Buzzfeed Manager Will Hayward  says  good storytelling is what matters” Read the online feature. Image credit: “ continues its explosive growth! Social Commerce is finally taking off.” Read the online feature. “Photo-sharing community, Piccing, hits 10 million members!Read the online feature. “Piccing hits 10 million members!”Read the online feature. “Piccing appoints Sandro Prezzi as Chief Marketing Officer.” Read the online feature. Read the english translation. “Sandro Prezzi is responsible for Piccing’s Marketing.”Read the online feature. “Sandro Prezzi: the new CMO of the photo-sharing community, Piccing.” Read the online feature. “Photo sharing community expands: Six million members for Piccing.” Read the online feature. Read the english translation. “Pinterest for your daughter.” View the print article. Read the english translation. “Social Shopping – combines photo blog and e-commerce.” Read the online feature. “Piccing: shopping in a photo blog!” Read the online feature. View the print article. “Photo-sharing community, Piccing, plans German version.” Read the online feature. “Social inspiration platform Piccing reaches 6 million users!” Read the…