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Instapicc: Margot Robbie

This week’s instapicc features Harley Quinn … cough … Margot Robbie, supporting James Ackerley at the London Marathon. Despite our uncontrollable excitement for the much anticipated Suicide Squad (yay!) we’re also super in love with Robbie’s street style, which is relaxed, chic, and looks comfy AF. Basically, it’s a look that we will be recreating asap (toddler not included). With all the hype and media surrounding Suicide Squad, it’s almost surreal to see Robbie as … well … normal. Till 5 August, Ms Robbie! Click on the image to get Margot Robbie’s look. Image source:

Instapicc: Alessandra Ambrosio

Brazilian bombshell, Alessandra Ambrosio features front and centre in our Easter edition of instapicc, with her two gorgeous kids, Anja & Noah. The Victoria’s Secret model stunned this Easter in a floral maxi dress, while playing with all the wily critters the little ones could get their hands on. And did we mention that she had the most enviable Easter dessert table ever to grace Instagram? Just when you thought the chocolate cravings had subsided…. Tell us who your top piccs are from the weekend’s Easter shenanigans, or just click on the image to get Alessandra’s casual family fun-time look. Click on the image to get Alessandra Ambrosio, and her kids’ Easter looks. Image source:

Instapicc: Willow Smith

It’s instapicc time, and we’re pretty stoked about this one, because she’s been everywhere lately. Yes, little Willow has sure come a long way since the “Whip My Hair” days (which really weren’t that long ago). But time flies when you’re a teen, and the process of finding one’s identity is basically cranked up to warp speed. Add hormones and growth spurts, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t recognize the gorgeous young creative — unless you’ve been keeping track of the little fashionista. And let’s be honest, Willow’s everywhere. From her debut album ARDIPITHECUS, to being the new face of Chanel, to starring in campaigns for Marc Jacobs and Miss Dazey’s new sock range, well, let’s just say she’s rather busy for a 15 year old. We’re pretty sure we can expect great things from this sprouting universalist, but until then, you’ll just have to settle for getting her sensational style. Click…

Instapicc: Brie Larson

Welcome to the Academy Awards edition of instapicc! Despite the controversy surrounding the Oscars this year, we were still glued to our screens to see what the biggest names in Hollywood would don on their big night. And boy, were there some well dressed gents and ladies, and equally as bad choices made (cough, cough Heidi Klum). But we were well impressed with the rising star of Brie Larson, who walked away with Best Actress for her role in Room. And that’s why this gorgeous lass is our instapicc this week, with her stellar statement belt, wrapped around a Gucci gown. Who was your top picc on the red carpet? Click on the image to get Brie Larson’s award-winning look. Image source:

Instapicc: Derek Zoolander

Who is the most celebrated male model of all time? Zoolander. Derek Zoolander. And with Zoolander 2 to be released 12 February, Derek has been saturating social media with his publicity stunts. Like his very brief (like, 3 hours brief) relationship with Cara Delevingne on Instagram. So you could say our instapicc is an ode to the height of this gorgeous couple’s encounter. And if Derek Zoolander isn’t your cup of tea? Then you can dere-lick my picc. Click on the image to get Derek Zoolander and Cara Delevingne’s looks. And just in case you missed it (which you shouldn’t have, and if you did, let’s just glaze over that faux pas) here’s the trailer for Zoolander 2. Image source:

Instapicc: Chloe Grace Moretz

We have 5th Wave star, Chloe Grace Moretz, as our instapicc this week, and it’s too adorable. Chloe took this shot with her fluffy little co-star in the new ad campaign for Coach, but enough gushing about pups. Let’s talk about Miss Kick-Ass’, well, kick-ass style, which is quite a feat seeing as she’s still a young lass of only 18. But directors and fashionistas alike have praised Chloe for her maturity and versatility in her roles over the last decade, and her superb style when she’s not taking over the big screen. So the instapicc this week is kinda a no-brainer. And with The Little Mermaid’s production starting in March, we’re sure to be seeing a lot more of the enchanting actress and model. You can’t picc the pooch, but at least you can get Chloe’s look. As far as consolation prizes go, that’s as good as it gets.…

Instapicc: Lena Dunham

With the announcement that season 6 will be the final season of GIRLS, the premiere of season 5 holds a bitter-sweet promise of being one step closer to the end of the thrilling, raw and jarringly relatable characters we just can’t get enough of. “Season 5 is a lot about expanding the characters’ lives. We’re putting them, for the first time, in truly adult circumstances, and learning just how hard that can be,” says Dunham, “They’re starting to spread, as groups of friends do, as they enter their later 20s. It’s no longer four people having brunch every Saturday. It’s people scattered to the wind and trying to stay in touch, and feeling the pain of being separated.” As if we needed any further motivation to stay glued to our screens on 21 February. But until then, celebrate your love of GIRLS with this week’s instapicc from the gorgeous and…

Get the Look: Katy Perry – This is How We Do

Amongst many other things, Katy Perry works pastel perfectly in her This is How We Do music video. To celebrate her edgy fashion and out-there style we’ve drawn inspiration from this nifty number Katy wears during the quirky music video. Katy is nominated for Best Artist and Best Female Artist at this year’s Billboard Music Awards as well as Best Touring Artist. We’re holding thumbs for Miss Perry! Want to dress like Katy Perry? Click on the image to find the things you love on Piccing. Image source: Capitol Records

Get the Look:Taylor Swift- Blank Space

Taylor Swift is a top contendor at this year’s Billboard Music Awards with her 1989 Album nominated for the Top Billboard 200 Album Award. She’s also nominated for Top Artist, Top Female Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Digital Artist, Top Radio Songs Artist, Top Social Artist, Top Streaming Artist and two Top Streaming Songs. Go, T! So to celebrate the awesomeness that is T-Swift we’ve decided to put together a Get the Look based on a scene from her Blank Space music video taken form her latest album. Out of all twenty outfits she wore throughout the video, this one was our favorite by far. Like what you see? Click on the image to find the Taylor Swift look you love on Piccing. Image source: Big Machine Records.

Get the Look: Scarlett Johansson

The smokin’ hot ScarJo sizzles in this watermelon-pink jumpsuit that’s paired with an aqua blue clutch. To top off Scarlett’s stylish look her chic cropped ‘do’ displays those statement earrings perfectly. Click on the image to picc Scarlett’s pink jumpsuit or something similar. Image credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images Entertainment