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Instapicc: Ciara

It’s impossible to fully express our obsession with this week’s instapicc, featuring the stuff of selfie-envy, Ciara, on her way to the Givenchy show at Paris fashion week. We’re not being too dramatic, that’s just how we’ve got to have it (ha!). Styled by Givenchy’s Artistic Director, Riccardo Tisci, Ciara donned a sheer lace cami, longline black coat, and wide-leg pants — all naturally Givenchy. And that fishtail braid? Messy perfection. Yes, it’s official. We want your goodies Ciara. Your beauty and fashion goodies, that is. What’s your top picc from Paris Fashion Week? Click on the image to get Ciara’s look. Image source:

Six 5 Minute Hairstyles You Need to Know

The beginning of the college term is layered with good intentions. Full attendance at all lectures, on-time assignments, a jog every morning to start your day off just right… But we all know this won’t last. The time will come when you’ve missed all 15 of your alarms and you have 20 min to make a class scheduled for what seems like the crack of dawn. The last thing you’ll be thinking of, while wildly searching for a lone sock, is what to do with your hair. So we’ve found our top six piccs of the most superbly chic hairstyles that will take you 5 min or less for college students, or even those grumbling back to the office after a delightful summer vacation. 1. Tuck it Click on the image to get your back to reality look on Piccing. This is an ingenious hairstyle that will have you looking your…