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Instapicc: Derek Zoolander

Who is the most celebrated male model of all time? Zoolander. Derek Zoolander. And with Zoolander 2 to be released 12 February, Derek has been saturating social media with his publicity stunts. Like his very brief (like, 3 hours brief) relationship with Cara Delevingne on Instagram. So you could say our instapicc is an ode to the height of this gorgeous couple’s encounter. And if Derek Zoolander isn’t your cup of tea? Then you can dere-lick my picc. Click on the image to get Derek Zoolander and Cara Delevingne’s looks. And just in case you missed it (which you shouldn’t have, and if you did, let’s just glaze over that faux pas) here’s the trailer for Zoolander 2. Image source:

Trailers, Trailblazers & Tears: Our Favorite MTV Movie Award Moments

The MTV Movie Awards 2015 were filled with drama, tears, sexual innuendos and jaw dropping outfits. But between the inappropriate grabbing (most notably Zac Efron with Dave Franco, and Cara Delevingne with a shirtless, and rather buff, seat filler) there were some hilarious and heartfelt moments on stage. These are our piccs for the best moments at the MTV Movie Awards 2015. Amy Schumer during the whole show Click on the image to share on Piccing. People watching the MTV Movie Awards either loved Amy Schumer as the host, or absolutely despised her. But, if anything, she was superbly entertaining. From being hoisted around the stage like the superwoman she is, to the ingenious pre-filmed skits played throughout the awards, we thought Amy Schumer did what she came out to do, which is put on a sensational show. Miles Teller’s heartfelt intro for Shailene Woodley’s Trailblazer Award  …