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Instapicc: Willow Smith

It’s instapicc time, and we’re pretty stoked about this one, because she’s been everywhere lately. Yes, little Willow has sure come a long way since the “Whip My Hair” days (which really weren’t that long ago). But time flies when you’re a teen, and the process of finding one’s identity is basically cranked up to warp speed. Add hormones and growth spurts, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t recognize the gorgeous young creative — unless you’ve been keeping track of the little fashionista. And let’s be honest, Willow’s everywhere. From her debut album ARDIPITHECUS, to being the new face of Chanel, to starring in campaigns for Marc Jacobs and Miss Dazey’s new sock range, well, let’s just say she’s rather busy for a 15 year old. We’re pretty sure we can expect great things from this sprouting universalist, but until then, you’ll just have to settle for getting her sensational style. Click…

Fangirl Quest

Click on the image to share it on Piccing. If you’ve ever been in place where your favorite series has been filmed, then you’ll know how eerily sublime it is. But for all of us that don’t have the resources, Tiia Öhman and Satu Walden are capturing jaw-droppingly beautiful images of screenshots matching up to the actual film location’s background. It’s a little strange how insanely effective this method is, seeing as you’re still viewing it as a 2D image. But the feeling is the same – to know that this place actually exists, as well as the juxtaposition of the fictional universe melding with the actual one, in which we fantasize of seeing Drogon landing in a fighting pit, or witnessing Sherlock solve crimes during Watson’s wedding. “Visiting filming locations is the perfect way to see places you wouldn’t necessarily find in ordinary travel guides. Sure, Barafundle Bay is pretty…