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Intuition to Redemption: A Breakdown of Beyoncé’s Visual Album, Lemonade

Beyoncé’s Lemonade is nothing short of exceptional. And it’s so much more than the, “Jay Z cheated on Bey” hype. It’s an emotional artwork. A spectacle of honesty and unsettling cinematography. A true testament to exploring the visceral with the intangible through multiple mediums that ensure it cannot be locked down as merely an album, or a personal declaration. It’s a narrative that explores love, anger, betrayal, femininity and forgiveness, wrapped in the layers of rhetoric and body paint to ease your consumption of what is, at many a time, uncomfortably raw — partly due to being punctuated by hauntingly emotional poetry from Warsan Shire, a Somali–British writer and poet. So without further adieu, here’s a brief breakdown of the 11 chapters of Lemonade (or Bey’s 11 stages of grief) — little snippets of narrative included — until you can get home and put it on repeat. 1. Intuition “What are you hiding? The past and the future merge to…

Everything You Need To Know About Beyoncé’s New Activewear Line, Ivy Park

Okay ladies, now let’s get into formation. Because Beyoncé’s new activewear and athleisure brand, Ivy Park, is here. Now we love Queen B, but she’s been rather secretive in the build-up to Ivy Park’s release. So before everyone loses their minds, here’s the skinny on what promises to be one ***flawless sportswear collection. Bey collaborated with Sir Philip Green, chairman of the Arcadia Group (which owns the likes of Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins, amongst others) to create Ivy Park. And after a year and a half of waiting, it’s finally here. Now Bey is notorious for keeping her personal life, well, personal, so the promotional video is a rare illumination into Beyoncé’s life. Little Blue Ivy even makes an appearance, which is possibly the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen. “I’d wake up in the morning and my dad would come knocking on my door and tell me it’s time…