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Fall Harvest Recipes: Beat the Dietary Chill

It’s a wonderful time of year. Fall foliage ripples through shades of orange, yellow and red, while squirrels battle each other for the last of summer’s yield, Halloween is around the corner, and it’s finally time for the fall harvest. Now, before everyone looses their minds over the imminent barrage of all things pumpkin, we’re here to remind you of some other fall harvest favorites, with delectable recipe recommendations included. Oh, and before you panic, pumpkin is still definitely on the list. We’re not animals, you know…. Acorn Squash Click on the image to get your fall home decor on Piccing. Get piccing now. Acorn squash is a wonderful little fella that will keep you warm in the coming months, while providing some pretty nifty health benefits. Acorn squash is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, but what’s really impressive is that it contains almost a third of your daily dietary…