Fall Harvest Recipes: Beat the Dietary Chill

It’s a wonderful time of year. Fall foliage ripples through shades of orange, yellow and red, while squirrels battle each other for the last of summer’s yield, Halloween is around the corner, and it’s finally time for the fall harvest. Now, before everyone looses their minds over the imminent barrage of all things pumpkin, we’re here to remind you of some other fall harvest favorites, with delectable recipe recommendations included. Oh, and before you panic, pumpkin is still definitely on the list. We’re not animals, you know….

Acorn Squash

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Acorn squash is a wonderful little fella that will keep you warm in the coming months, while providing some pretty nifty health benefits. Acorn squash is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, but what’s really impressive is that it contains almost a third of your daily dietary fiber requirement in just one serving. So, in other words, say hell’s no to diabetes, and those annoying seasonal colds with acorn squash in your diet. And there are so many ways to prepare it, from acorn squash, caramelized onion and goat’s cheese pizza to baked acorn squash and stuffed halves, there’s no better fall dinner companion.


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Apples are hardly an inconspicuous fall harvest treat, with apple pie always pretty high up on the, “to eat this fall,” list. And with good reason — despite the obvious one being its delicious flavor. Apples improve your neurological health, fight cholesterol and reduces the risks of getting heart disease or a stroke. So let’s be a little adventurous with the ol’ faithful apple. Apple fries are a great place to start, coated with cinnamon and baked to fall perfection. Let’s not forget that apple chips are a healthy and delicious snack, and apple in a salad? To die for. Need something a little warmer? Try these baked stuffed delights, or this sugar-free apple pie chia seed jam and breakfast parfait.

Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potato is like the health conscious, yoga loving cousin of the average potato. With truckloads of vitamin B6, C and D, the sweet potato has a lot to offer in the nutrient department. Most notably, it’s packed full of magnesium, which helps with relaxation and is perfect for the ensuing seasonal madness, and carotenoids, which basically boosts your immune system, fights cancer and has anti-aging properties. All this above the fact that sweet potatoes are one of the most versatile ingredients to cook with. If you had any doubts about this magic root then feast your eyes on this sweet potato ice cream recipe, or these sweet potato waffles. To beat the chill, try these sweet potato tacos, or hasselback sweet potatoes. Sweet potato fruit rolls make a great snack, or you can just stuff the daylights out of it. Either way, sweet potato has got your back this season.


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Pears tend to take a backseat to the mighty apple, and as much as we love apple, it’s time we give pear a break and embrace its culinary awesomeness. But first, why should you bother with pears? Namely, they’re phenomenal with aiding weight loss, they’re packed with fiber, and they are just the thing if you’re planning to detox. They also aid in digestion, prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cholesterol. For a little fall fruit it’s pretty impressive. So get into the fall fruit spirit with these roasted pears with yoghurt and honey, or this pear tart with vanilla cashew cream and caramel. If you’re after something a little more savory, you can always pop pear on a pizza for a taste adventure, or opt for a decadent prosciutto-wrapped pork with sweet potatoes and pears. Yum!


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And finally it’s the mascot of fall, the flavor of every latte you’ll buy this season, the heavy-weight of fall harvest ingredients: it’s the pumpkin. Is there any actual nutritional evidence to back up the pumpkin binge? Well, they aid weight loss when not gobbled down with 3 tonnes of pie crust, and they’re bursting with carotenoids, which fight cancer (especially prostate cancer … cough … guys), beta-carotene (for those sparkly peepers) and a whole range of other benefits, like being a mood enhancer (make sure your boss gets his pumpkin ration) as well as an immune booster. So it’s pretty important to get your dose of pumpkin, and, of course, there’s pumpkin pie, but how about changing it up this fall with some unexpected pumpkin goodies, like this pumpkin butter. Or this hollowed out sweet potato, pumpkin and ginger delight? If you’re trying to satisfy that sweet tooth then look no further than these pumpkin swirl brownies.

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