Summer Popsicles for Adults

There’s nothing like a ice cold popsicle to provide sweet relief from the sweltering summer heat. But when there’s a dash of naughty juice involved, well … things can only get better. Here are seven mouth-watering recipes for making your own summer popsicles, with a dash of alcohol for those hard working adults that still love a popsicle, or three.

Piña Colada Ice Pops

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If you like piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain, then this is the popsicle for you. All you need is rum, pineapple, water, coconut milk and sugar. Pop it into the blender, freeze it, and you have yourself a great treat for guests at a summer soiree (or just for yourself, while lounging by the pool). Get the recipe here featured on Shutterbean.

Mango Magarita Boozesicles

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This recipe for mango margarita boozesicles is super delicious, and simple to make. We love that Nutmeg Nanny uses waxed paper cups and paper straws, which are items you might have around the house. Plus it’s all disposable, just for your convenience when you’ve have quite a few of these frosty, fruity treats.

Roasted Strawberry Red Wine Popsicles

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Wine is glorious. It’s even more glorious when mixed with roasted strawberries and frozen for the popsicle of your summer dreams. The recipe, courtesy of Pastry Affair, is simple, easy to follow and requires only strawberries, red wine, balsamic vinegar and sugar. It’s bliss on a stick.

Basil Mint Citrus Mojito Popsicles

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Mojitos are synonymous with refreshing drinks. Add some citrus and lemon to the classic limes, and you have yourself a winner this summer. This recipe from Practically Functional calls for some rum, orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice, fresh mint, fresh basil, crushed iced and sugar. It requires a few more ingredients than the other popsicles, but a couple of herbs and juice is hardly a reason not to make this marvelous mojito popsicle. You can even leave out the alcohol for a kid friendly treat.

Kiwi Moscato Popsicles

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Quarter Life Cuisine has a great recipe for Kiwi Moscato popsicles that have that perfect balance of sweet and slightly sour fruity goodness. You’ll need kiwis, water, sugar (or honey, yum!) and Moscato. It’s easy to make, and who can resist the temptation of kiwi popsicles, with a dash of Moscato on a summer’s day? Definitely not us, that’s for sure.

Champagne & Flowers Popsicles

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Flowers are iconic of summer. So why not try out this recipe from Cooking Stoned, that is just as tasty as it is aesthetically pleasing. It’s ridiculously simple, as you only need champagne, water, sugar and edible flowers. It also makes for a rather fancy treat for any event, that will boost your host status to expert.

Boozy Red, White, & Blueberry Cheesecake Popsicles

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Okay, so there needed to be one insanely indulgent option on this list, because it’s summer, and everyone deserves a delectable treat. Especially one as tantalizing as this, provided by Host the Toast. There is alcohol in this cheesecake popsicle, but it’s extremely subtle, and if you feel like  doing away with the Rumchata/Baileys, then you can replace it with milk. This is the most complicated popsicle on the list, but, I mean … it’s cheesecake, guys. The recipe sets out the steps for each layer for which you’ll need strawberries, blueberries, cream cheese, Rumchata/Baileys/milk, condensed milk, graham crackers, sugar and water. So not for the weight conscious, in other words. But what the heck, it’s the season, and you can work it off in the pool having a great time in the sun like summer intended.

Image sources: Nutmeg Nanny, Quater Life Crisis Cuisine, Host the Toast, Cooking Stoned, Shutterbean, Pastry Affair and Practically Functional.

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