A Love Affair with Ladders

Ladders can offer the most innovative way to store or display your most prized possessions –while adding a little old world charm to your home. They can be used to hang throws, hold books, prop up plants and much, much more. Below are a few of the loveliest things you can do with a ladder:

Lovin’ the Leaners

Ladders that lean up against a wall are handy to hang bath or beach towels and throws or blankets. Wooden ones work well and metal freestanding frames can look slightly more modern. Leaning ladders can also sneak in-between your couch and wall creating a convenient spot to store blankets and throws.

Ladder-CollagePicc your favourite ladder images here.

Small Step Ups

Small stepladders make for the sweetest side tables. Placed next to your bed they offer just enough space for a bedside lamp and book. There’s even a spot to slide your slippers underneath! (Did you see how excited we got there?) These smaller versions are also great placed next to a comfy couch or an armchair. This way you won’t have to lean too far to reach your cup of Joe.


Picc your favourite ladder images here.

Double-Sided Dream

Double-sided ladders are wonderful for displaying your plants, flowerpots of flower-filled vases. These work just as well inside as they do outside, depending on where you want some ladder-love. If the ladder lives outdoors use it to prop up your watering can, hurricane lanterns or to hang your gardening tools.

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Go on and put some life into that ladder!





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