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With the announcement that season 6 will be the final season of GIRLS, the premiere of season 5 holds a bitter-sweet promise of being one step closer to the end of the thrilling, raw and jarringly relatable characters we just can’t get enough of. “Season 5 is a lot about expanding the characters’ lives. We’re putting them, for the first time, in truly adult circumstances, and learning just how hard that can be,” says Dunham, “They’re starting to spread, as groups of friends do, as they enter their later 20s. It’s no longer four people having brunch every Saturday. It’s people scattered to the wind and trying to stay in touch, and feeling the pain of being separated.” As if we needed any further motivation to stay glued to our screens on 21 February. But until then, celebrate your love of GIRLS with this week’s instapicc from the gorgeous and inspirational Lena Dunham. Click on the image to get the look, or picc your own top outfits from the much-loved series.

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Click on the image to get the cast of GIRLS’ looks.

Watch the trailer for the much anticipated 5th season below:

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