In Full Bloom

There’s nothing quite as nice as filling your home with bunches of fresh flowers. While a good ol’ vase does the trick there are a few more creative ways to display those darling daisies.

Bottoms Up

Need an excuse to polish off that bottle of red? Wine, Champagne and beer bottles (with easy-on-the-eye labels) make for great glass vases. Just make sure you give it a good clean before popping a few poppies in. Turns out flowers don’t love wine like we do.


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Watering Cans & Juice Jugs

Watering cans and jugs are also handsome holders for our beloved botanicals. Filling watering cans with big bunches of blossoms creates an outdoor French country feel inside. Milk and juice jugs work wonders for floppy flowers like tulips too.


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Tea Party Tricks

Beautiful teapots and vintage teacups make for the cutest containers for a bit of flora and fauna. Mix and match pretty petals in pots and cups and be sure to cut the stems short so the flowers sit nice and snug.


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Pretty Painted Tins

Recycle those old soup and instant coffee cans to make simple flower holders for itsy bitsy bouquets. Leave them as is for a rustic look or paint them with pretty pastel colours for a slightly softer feel.


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Go prep those petals!



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