Five Fashion Items From Clueless Still Trending Today

We’ve all been celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Clueless, the 90’s cult classic that has pretty much influenced clothing trends from the day of its release. The Beverly Hills teens might have been clueless about politics, relationships and how to drive, but when it comes to fashion they basically had their PhDs. Costume designer, Mona May (who also worked on Enchanted, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, The Wedding Singer and The Haunted Mansion) created looks that have resurged in contemporary fashion again and again. So we’ve picc’d our five favorite fashion items from Clueless that, with a modern twist, are still must-have items today.

The Slip Dress

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Cher’s defense of a certain iconic white Calvin Klein slip dress has become a favorite quote of many a Clueless cult fan. But there is a lot to be said of the slip dress, whether it be a designer item or not. And we’re not just speaking of the contour, baby bump hugging Kim Kardashian version. These underrated beauties are wardrobe convenience at its best, and easily dressed up with accessories in a pinch.

Crop Tops

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The crop top has had a massive fashion resurrection. No more is the crop top considered an undesirable item, with it’s updated and often sophisticated use on the runway and off. Add a leather skirt, and you’re on your way to nailing upcoming Fall/Winter trends. It’s a metamorphosis that Cher would be proud of.

Plaid Print

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Iggy Azalea did it. Britney Spears did it. Pretty much everyone who has parodied or recreated the infamous yellow plaid jacket and skirt combo has done it. From coats to dresses, rompers to skirts, plaid is a sure thing for the upcoming Fall/Winter season.

The Perfect Collar Shirt

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The perfect collar shirt is no myth. Its that one piece that can be worn in winter, wrapped in knitwear, or loose over a casual pair of jeans in summer. It can take you from work, with a statement necklace, to summer-casual with the addition of a wide-brimmed hat. Don’t underestimate this wardrobe staple, there’s a reason why it’s a go-to item.

Button-front Skirts

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Thanks to the retro revival in summer clothing lines, the button-front skirt lives on! Mona May did admit to drawing her inspiration from 60s and 70s trends, so its no wonder these skirts are everywhere this season. From denim to suede, button-front skirts are an easy way to dress up any blouse for the office, or with a casual shirt for those days off.

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