Father’s Day Free Printable

Dads are awesome. They let you win at Monopoly, listened on many occasions during your childhood to a cornucopia of reasons why you refuse to eat that green thing on your plate, and taught you the difference between a star and flat screwdriver. For these reasons and many more, we’ve put together a printable card for Father’s Day, as well as labels that you can place on a beer bottle, or a bottle of wine (depending on which kind of wind-down beverage your father prefers). It’s the thought that counts, and he’ll probably love that it’s not soap on a rope.

We’re wishing all the fathers around the world a spectacular, and memorable, Father’s Day.

Click on the image or here to download the Father’s Day card.

We’ve done all the work for you! So just click on the link above, print out your quirky Father’s Day card, and fold it in half. Presto! You should also probably fill it with some endearing words about your fantastic dad.

Click here to download the Father’s Day wine label.

Click here to download the Father’s Day cider or beer label.

Tips for removing and attaching labels:

You can try soaking the labels in soapy water to soften the paper, making it easy to tear off. But the adhesive can be tricksy, so make a mixture of equal parts of vegetable oil and baking soda. Smear this over the label/left over adhesive and wait for 10min, or longer (a good soak never hurt anyone) and rub the sticky mess away. All ready for your Father’s Day label!

To attach the label, you can use glue, but it might not stick well to the glass and make the paper soggy. So try double-sided tape instead (it’s less mess to boot) or glue dots for a cleaner and neater result.


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