Easy Style Tricks To Get You Through Fall

Transitioning your style between summer and fall is no easy task. Mostly because we’re all still in denial about summer leaving us to the whims of winter and will continue to rebel until someone loses their bits to frostbite. Instead of losing limbs, we suggest these five easy style tricks that will get you through fall with enough time to prepare your winter wardrobe.


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Bandanas have made their way through many a trend. Whether it’s the 90s, Tupac or a western, there’s no denying that the bandana has both aesthetic and practical uses. And that’s why this classic item has made its way into fall trends this season as a great transition piece that complements your outfit – with the added bonus of looking like a bit of a badass.


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Dungarees are by far the heavy weights of last summer’s trends. They’re durable, versatile and just too adorable. Pair your good ol’ pair of dungarees with tights, boots, sweaters or button-down shirts, and you’ve got a transition outfit that just keeps on giving, as long as you have the shirts and accessories to supply this insatiable trend.

Knee-high Socks

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No longer are knee-high socks reserved for giggling school girls. This fall, anyone can jump on this trend and not feel too adolescent and all it will cost is a pair of socks. Which pair, however, is up to you. Choose a pair with stripes for a sporty feel, a pair with print if you’re feeling young + wild enough, while plain knee-highs can go with just about anything.

Skinny Scarves

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Now, we know… the skinny scarf seems to defeat the purpose of what we usually use scarves for: to keep those little necks of ours warm and save us all from the flu that is bound to start sweeping through your immune challenged friends, coworkers and family. But the skinny scarf is oh, so much more. Use it as a scarf for the early days of fall, but once the chill sets in think about using it to accent your button-down shirts or even as a print belt for your coat. Not so impractical now, huh?

Tights + Torn Jeans

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Just when you thought it was time to pack away those holy wonders that are torn jeans, there’s this little style trick that is sure to keep you occupied all fall. Just wear a pair of lace, plain, fishnet or print tights underneath and rock those babies in as many ways as you can fathom. The choice, as always, is yours.

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