Piccing Circles


Just like your circle of friends inspire you so can your circle of friends on Piccing. By following other users, you can follow people who have similar style, taste or fashion sense to you.

If you like an image someone has picc’d why not click on the person’s profile and have a look at what else they’ve picc’d? And, if you like their style why not follow them? To the right of their profile image you’ll find a blue ‘Follow’ button. Once you click on this the blue ‘follow’ button will change to a grey ‘following’ button. You’ll now follow the user and all their categories.

As easy as it is to follow someone, it’s just as easy to unfollow them. Just click ‘Following’ (previously ‘Follow’) to the right of their profile image —and this will change back to the grey ‘Following’ button. Don’t worry users will not be alerted to the fact that you have unfollowed them. Phew!

You can also see the list of people you are following by clicking on ‘Circle of friends’ next to your profile picture. When you click on this a pop up menu will appear with two tabs. One says ‘Followers’ and the other says ‘Following.’  As you click on each tab you’ll see a list of users you’re following and a list of users who follow you.

The images in your home feed will be populated with popular piccs and the latest images from users you’re following. The more users you follow the more your image feed will be full of the things you love.

For more tips about growing your circles, and how to fill your home feed with pretty looking piccs email us on hello@piccing.com

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