Piccing’s Best Practices


We want to make your Piccing experience as enjoyable as possible. And, most of all, we want to help you find the things you’re after in the images you love. So we’ve put together a few helpful tips to make your Piccing experience as best as it can be:

Top Tips

Uploading images to Piccing

  • There are two ways to upload images to your Piccing profile. You can either upload images from websites or from your device’s image library.
  • You can also re-share an existing image on Piccing that you’d like to add to your profile by simply clicking on the ‘share it’ icon.
  • When uploading an image on Piccing it’s important to select a suitable category and provide an accurate description. You can also use hashtags in your description.

Piccing items within Images

  • When you see something you like in an image and want to pic, it’s a good idea to place your green picc target in the correct place. For example, if you want to picc a woman’s belt, make sure your target is on the belt and not her denims.
  • Also, when adding your description to your picc’d item try to be as specific as possible. If, for example, you’ve picc’d a ring put ‘ring’ in the description and not ‘jewelry.’
  • As we haven’t given you every color option under the sun, your picc’d item might be a slightly different color to the color matches provided. However, try to match it as closely as possible as this will help you find what you are looking for.

Still not what you’re after? For more tips about marking items email us on hello@piccing.com

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