Avea: Lightening the Mood

Dynamic mood lighting is an arena that is stereotypically left to public spaces or the apartment of a playboy bachelor and his wily ways. The rest of us generally pay attention to the light bulbs in our homes, when the fuse blows (usually in the middle of eating a delicious taco).

Cue Avea from Elgato, a mood lighting bulb that works via an app with bluetooth. You can change the lighting to one of eight preset options, such as Cherry Blossom, or Northern Glow. You can fiddle with the brightness of the preset options, which slowly changes the saturation of their hue depending on the option picked. They also have a selection of solid colors you can pick from, and you can change both brightness and color saturation with the solid colors.

If it’s basically a war to get you to wake up in the morning, then the Wake-up Light will be a possible alternative to clashing pans, tears, or wrestling off the covers. Set it to activate with your alarm and the bulb will mimic early morning light, which is definitely a great perk if you wake up before sunrise, or during winter.

The Avea is also a great deal cheaper than other available options, like the Philips Hue. And because the Avea works via bluetooth, you wont need a bridging device to connect via a router. The Avea app also only connects when you’d like to change something, so it wont run down your battery. All you need is the bulb and the app. And if you have more than one bulb they automatically coordinate their lighting for a cohesive effect.

The only downfall is that the Avea only works with iPhones, iPads or Apple watches. So android users are out of luck … for now.

Magic Hour. Click on the image to share on Piccing.

Northern Glow. Click on the image to share on Piccing.

Cherry Blossom. Click on the image to share on Piccing.

Mountain Breeze. Click on the image to share on Piccing.

Click on the image to share on Piccing.

Image sources: www.elgato.com and www.amazon.com.

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