At some point in our cyber-centric lives we’ve seen something we want in an image online. A beautiful dress, a vintage bicycle or a pair of sneakers that make our stylishly inclined heart skip a beat. You’ve pinned it, taken a screenshot of it and saved it to your desktop. And there it sits. Often for eternity. You’ll stumble across it a few weeks later and say, “That dress! One day it will be mine.”

But how do you find this elusive frock? Often by the time you’ve tracked it down the page is no longer available, or it’s sold out. Rats. Desperate, you’ll resort to an image search to try find something similar but you’re met with a stream of images that look nothing like the one you want.

What’s a stylish soul to do? Enter the Picc Browser Button:


Picc Button

Once activated, The Piccing Browser Button makes every item in an image shoppable. Now you can shop from your favorite websites, blogs and social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.


Picc Button

Get the fastest and most accurate results using our GuidedFLOW, with added visual support. Piccing’s number of partner stores and their products are constantly increasing, allowing for an ever-growing choice of items.


Picc Button

After selecting the item you’re interested in, instant product suggestions will be displayed using our SmartMATCH technology. Plus, instead of hopping from one web page to another the Picc Button lets you shop on the same page. Say goodbye to mindless surfing!


To install the Piccing Browser Button follow these simple steps:

Go to, click the green banner on our entry page or on the static footer at the bottom of our website if you’re logged in.

Alternatively, go directly to a compatible store below. The extension is supported by Chrome and Opera (Firefox and Safari coming soon). If your browser is not supported yet, maybe it’s time for a change, eh?

After installation has taken place you’ll see the picc icon appear on your navigation search bar.

To activate the button, click on it and it will turn green. You can now shop any image on the web!

Want to switch it off? Simply close the pop up window that appears when you activate the button.

More on how to picc any item in an image.