Ocean Driftwood as Decor

There’s something intriguing about a piece of driftwood don’t you think? An untold tale of where they’ve been, what they’ve seen and if mermaids always have long wavy hair?


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DRIFT is a company that collects stranded driftwood that’s washed up on shores from around the world. Carried by currents and bleached by the sun and the salty sea, each piece of driftwood is photographed where it’s been found. It’s then cleaned up and marked with the exact latitude and longitude of the discovery site –burnt into the wood with a branding iron.


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Then, the wood is equipped with powerful magnets, transforming these planks into mounts and shelves for tools, knives, keys, or whatever you fancy really. Each piece is accompanied with pictures, a description and precise dimensions —so you know what you’re getting.


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When the wood is mounted to the wall, the magnets are invisible and each piece comes with mounting supplies. Go to Drift’s website here to find out more or to place an order.

Image source: www.hejmonti.com.

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