Instapicc: Taylor Swift

It’s finally happening … T-Swift is making her first appearance on instapicc, and it’s a beauty. The little lass has been down under on tour, and taking some time off to make some local friends. She’s been seen cuddling koalas, being rebuffed by a kangaroo with Blake Lively, and now in a deep conversation with a cockatoo. Such is the life of a pop legend, but we’re more interested in her gorgeous holiday look than her feathery friend.

That’s because we’re spreading the love this holiday by enabling you to instapicc all on your lonesome with our picc button! So if you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, and you see one of your favorite celebrities rocking a to-die-for item, just click the picc button and you can picc any item your trendy little heart desires! Find out more about the picc button here. Oh, and it’s not just for Instagram… There’s Facebook, Twitter, Google +…. the whole web, pretty much.

Think you can do a better instapicc? Then use your picc button (which we’re sure you’ve just downloaded) and share your top celeb fashion inspiration with us! Happy instapiccing!


Click on the image to get Taylor Swift’s look on Piccing.

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