How do I create a Piccing profile?

To create a profile you’ll need to sign up with a unique username and password. Once you’ve signed up you’ll be sent a registration email that will include a link as well as your username and password. Follow the link and use your details to log in.

How do I upload images?

There are two ways to upload images to your profile. The first option is to upload an image directly from your mobile, tablet or computer’s image library by clicking “Upload” under “Add” on Piccing’s navigation bar. The second way is to upload images from other websites using the “Share on Piccing” button.

What is the ‘Share on Piccing’ button?

The “Share on Piccing” button must be dragged and dropped from to your bookmarks bar — it allows you to upload website images to your Piccing profile. You’ll find “Add Bookmark” under “Add” on Piccing’s navigation bar.

What if I can’t see my bookmarks bar?

If your bookmarks bar is not visible, click on “Bookmarks” in your web browser’s top menu bar and select “show bookmarks.” Your bookmarks bar will then be displayed — where you can drag the button to.

What browsers are compatible with Piccing?

Safari, Chrome and Firefox are all compatible web browsers with Piccing.

What happens when I add the button to my bookmarks bar?

When you’re on a website with images you want to upload click on the “Share on Piccing” button and the green “picc it” icon will appear at the top right hand corner of each image.

What happens when I click on the green icon?

Once you click on the green “picc it” icon a pop up window will appear. Here you can provide a description of the image and select a suitable category. Hit the “share it” button at the bottom to upload the image to your profile.

How do I picc items within an image?

The  green “picc it” icon allows you to select any item in an image that you wish to find online. Once you click on the green “picc it” icon your cursor will become a target. You can then select the items you would like to picc. A pop up menu will appear where you can name the item and select a suitable category and color. Hit the “picc it” button at the bottom to confirm your picc.

How do I find similar items?

Once you’ve successfully picc’d items you’ll see green targets placed over your image, if you click on these a pop up window appears with a list of similar items. You can scroll through this list with a range of brands and prices, and see where to get them.

How do I buy an item?

Click on the item you want to buy in the list of similar products. The product will appear in single view. Click the “Shop Now” button and you’ll be taken directly to where you can purchase the product.

How can people see who picc’d it first?

When you click on an image you’ll see “Shared by” appears at the bottom, this is who shared the image first.

Is there a limit to the amount of piccs and image can have?

Yes, a single image can only have 5 piccs. This helps to avoid the same items being picc’d over and over again.

How do I download the Piccing App?

The Piccing App is available for free on the App store. Download it here.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your password all you need to do is click on “Forgot your password?” when prompted to log in. Your password will then be sent to the email address you provided.

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