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Everything You Need To Know About Beyoncé’s New Activewear Line, Ivy Park

Okay ladies, now let’s get into formation. Because Beyoncé’s new activewear and athleisure brand, Ivy Park, is here. Now we love Queen B, but she’s been rather secretive in the build-up to Ivy Park’s release. So before everyone loses their minds, here’s the skinny on what promises to be one ***flawless sportswear collection. Bey collaborated with Sir Philip Green, chairman of the Arcadia Group (which owns the likes of Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins, amongst others) to create Ivy Park. And after a year and a half of waiting, it’s finally here. Now Bey is notorious for keeping her personal life, well, personal, so the promotional video is a rare illumination into Beyoncé’s life. Little Blue Ivy even makes an appearance, which is possibly the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen. “I’d wake up in the morning and my dad would come knocking on my door and tell me it’s time…

Don’t Panic: 9 Easy Last-minute Halloween Costumes

It happens to the best of us. You get caught up in life, and before you know it, Halloween has crept up on you like the sneaky holiday it is. The most you probably have is a feather boa from some previous dress-up party, and a packet of stale nuts for the impending hordes of tricker treaters. Well, we can’t help you with the nuts (although you could always make your own candy), but we can definitely inspire you with some easy to recreate characters, right from your own closet. The Countess Click on the image to get your Halloween look. Get piccing now. American Horror Story: Hotel is not for the faint of heart. However, we can’t help but love Lady Gaga’s character, The Countess, who is one of the most sophisticated and fashionable villains we are sure ever existed. Wear a black evening dress, or a black blouse and…

Four Easy Fall Swaps

If you’re having trouble letting go of some of your favorite summer looks as we head towards the cooler months, these easy fall swaps might help make the transition a little smoother. This way you’re not completely replacing your favourites but rather just letting them take a little vacation in the back of your closet. We know, we know, change can be hard. But trust us, you’ll love experimenting with these trendy fall pieces. Swap Skinny Jeans for Flared Click on the image to get your fall looks on Piccing. Get piccing now. The wider boot leg is a key shape to embrace this fall. An added bonus is that flared jeans create a stylish seventies silhouette that complements many a-figure! For a high fashion fall look, pair your flares with platforms and a tucked-in shirt or blouse. Swap Wedges for Platforms Click on the image to get your fall looks on…

Young + Wild: Our Top 3 Piccs for Fall

As much as we all have a bad case of summer loving, fall is here, and the growing chill is undeniable. And with the growing chill comes the ever increasing flurry of fall trends, all competing for your attention. That’s why, this fall, we’ve decided to narrow down all the marvelous clothing fall has in store for you to our top three must-have looks. Just follow your favorite piccs to make your fall fantasy look come to life. But for now, follow us into the depths of the forest, where dreams are fact, and fantasies are reality. You might just find more than a jacket or two. The Reveler: Fur You Click on the image to get this top picc, or your perfect fall look on Piccing! When others shy away from the cold, she embraces it. Wrapped in fur, she navigates the woodland, fingers briefly intertwining with branches and the…

Easy Style Tricks To Get You Through Fall

Transitioning your style between summer and fall is no easy task. Mostly because we’re all still in denial about summer leaving us to the whims of winter and will continue to rebel until someone loses their bits to frostbite. Instead of losing limbs, we suggest these five easy style tricks that will get you through fall with enough time to prepare your winter wardrobe. Bandanas Click on the image to picc your perfect fall look on Piccing. Bandanas have made their way through many a trend. Whether it’s the 90s, Tupac or a western, there’s no denying that the bandana has both aesthetic and practical uses. And that’s why this classic item has made its way into fall trends this season as a great transition piece that complements your outfit – with the added bonus of looking like a bit of a badass. Dungarees Click on the image to picc your…

Dungarees: Can You Dig It?

Dungarees have made their fair share of comebacks over the decades. However you feel about this particular boomerang trend — its history is quite an interesting one. And we love a little back story behind our fashion favorites. Overalls date back to 1792, when they were originally used as protective clothing for farmers and laborers. As these were durable and inexpensive, overalls quickly became popular amongst workers. They were made out of cheap and tough material which unfortunately cemented their “low class” status. Click on the image and find a selection of dungarees. Get Piccing now.  However, this image changed slowly when women began wearing dungarees during the First World War. The durable fabric made a lot of sense for women to wear when filling men’s jobs while they were at war. After a brief hiatus, dungarees once again arrived when 90s grunge music hit the airwaves. Rebellious teens thought it “gnarly”…

Instapicc: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 46th birthday this weekend (say what!) and so we’re celebrating with her by featuring her birthday style on Instapicc. And, can we just say, she still looks phenomenal as she approaches the big 50. JLo spent the weekend in the Hamptons living it up with her girls in a floral, high-waisted bikini, which is the epitome of summer 2015 swimsuit trends. Get JLo’s on-trend style on Piccing. Click on the image to get the look on Piccing. Image source:

Five Fashion Items From Clueless Still Trending Today

We’ve all been celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Clueless, the 90’s cult classic that has pretty much influenced clothing trends from the day of its release. The Beverly Hills teens might have been clueless about politics, relationships and how to drive, but when it comes to fashion they basically had their PhDs. Costume designer, Mona May (who also worked on Enchanted, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, The Wedding Singer and The Haunted Mansion) created looks that have resurged in contemporary fashion again and again. So we’ve picc’d our five favorite fashion items from Clueless that, with a modern twist, are still must-have items today. The Slip Dress Click on the image to get the look on Piccing. Cher’s defense of a certain iconic white Calvin Klein slip dress has become a favorite quote of many a Clueless cult fan. But there is a lot to be said of the slip…

Get T-Swift’s Fourth of July Bikini

Taylor Swift sported this sweet little swimsuit while celebrating the Fourth of July with friends and her man of the moment, Calvin Harris. Um, did you see his washboard abs below? No wonder T-swift is holding on to this steamboat. Anyway, sufficiently sidetracked,  back to the bikini. This particular one Taylor wears is from ASOS and only costs $45 —would you believe it? If you like it or something similar, have a little look on Piccing.                                                               Click on the image to get the look on Piccing. Image source: Taylor Swift’s Instagram account. 

Independence Day Inspiration

It’s time to celebrate the 4th of July, and with this Friday being a public holiday, why not make it an Independence weekend? There will be plenty of barbecues, picnics, family festivities, parades, and late nights, so we’ve put together some Independence Day inspiration for your star-spangled look to last you till the final firework has been lit. Independence Day is a celebration of freedom, so why not celebrate the freedom of your own unique style? We wish all our American picc’ers a spectacular Independence Day! Click on the image to get the Independence Day look on Piccing. Image sources:,,,, and