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Instapicc: Margot Robbie

This week’s instapicc features Harley Quinn … cough … Margot Robbie, supporting James Ackerley at the London Marathon. Despite our uncontrollable excitement for the much anticipated Suicide Squad (yay!) we’re also super in love with Robbie’s street style, which is relaxed, chic, and looks comfy AF. Basically, it’s a look that we will be recreating asap (toddler not included). With all the hype and media surrounding Suicide Squad, it’s almost surreal to see Robbie as … well … normal. Till 5 August, Ms Robbie! Click on the image to get Margot Robbie’s look. Image source:

Intuition to Redemption: A Breakdown of Beyoncé’s Visual Album, Lemonade

Beyoncé’s Lemonade is nothing short of exceptional. And it’s so much more than the, “Jay Z cheated on Bey” hype. It’s an emotional artwork. A spectacle of honesty and unsettling cinematography. A true testament to exploring the visceral with the intangible through multiple mediums that ensure it cannot be locked down as merely an album, or a personal declaration. It’s a narrative that explores love, anger, betrayal, femininity and forgiveness, wrapped in the layers of rhetoric and body paint to ease your consumption of what is, at many a time, uncomfortably raw — partly due to being punctuated by hauntingly emotional poetry from Warsan Shire, a Somali–British writer and poet. So without further adieu, here’s a brief breakdown of the 11 chapters of Lemonade (or Bey’s 11 stages of grief) — little snippets of narrative included — until you can get home and put it on repeat. 1. Intuition “What are you hiding? The past and the future merge to…

Everything You Need To Know About Beyoncé’s New Activewear Line, Ivy Park

Okay ladies, now let’s get into formation. Because Beyoncé’s new activewear and athleisure brand, Ivy Park, is here. Now we love Queen B, but she’s been rather secretive in the build-up to Ivy Park’s release. So before everyone loses their minds, here’s the skinny on what promises to be one ***flawless sportswear collection. Bey collaborated with Sir Philip Green, chairman of the Arcadia Group (which owns the likes of Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins, amongst others) to create Ivy Park. And after a year and a half of waiting, it’s finally here. Now Bey is notorious for keeping her personal life, well, personal, so the promotional video is a rare illumination into Beyoncé’s life. Little Blue Ivy even makes an appearance, which is possibly the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen. “I’d wake up in the morning and my dad would come knocking on my door and tell me it’s time…

Instapicc: Kylie Jenner

It’s no surprise that this little lady is our instapicc this week. Because Kylie Jenner is like, literally, so cute. Love her, or hate her, this girl knows how to work what she’s got, and the success of Kylie’s Lip Kit is nothing to scoff at. And neither is her wardrobe, which has ignited envy across the globe. King Kylie knows what works for her, and hot damn does it show. But the thing we love the most about this gorgeous lass? That her looks are totally easy to recreate — though we certainly don’t have anything on King Kylie’s swag. Want to rock this getaway look this summer? Just click on the image below and prepare yourself for a little light summer frolicking. Click on the image to get King Kylie’s look. Image source:

Cherry Picc’d: What My Boyfriend Wore

Our cherry picc’d blog this week, What My Boyfriend Wore, comes to you from the wildly beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. And you best know that blogger, Sergio Ines, definitely has some crazy style if he can compete with one of the most scenic countries in the world. “My girlfriend at the time loved documenting my outfits and started putting them up on Instagram, it became so popular that I started this blog. Now, it’s all about fashion for normal men,” says the exceedingly dapper Capetonian on his blog. From blazers to lapel pins, restaurants to top travel destinations, Sergio definitely covers all you need to know to stay at the top of the gentleman’s game. Oh, and the photography is to die for. So if you’re looking for a place to get the skinny on all things manly and fancy, What My Boyfriend Wore is the blog for you. Here are…

Instapicc: Alessandra Ambrosio

Brazilian bombshell, Alessandra Ambrosio features front and centre in our Easter edition of instapicc, with her two gorgeous kids, Anja & Noah. The Victoria’s Secret model stunned this Easter in a floral maxi dress, while playing with all the wily critters the little ones could get their hands on. And did we mention that she had the most enviable Easter dessert table ever to grace Instagram? Just when you thought the chocolate cravings had subsided…. Tell us who your top piccs are from the weekend’s Easter shenanigans, or just click on the image to get Alessandra’s casual family fun-time look. Click on the image to get Alessandra Ambrosio, and her kids’ Easter looks. Image source:

Instapicc: Willow Smith

It’s instapicc time, and we’re pretty stoked about this one, because she’s been everywhere lately. Yes, little Willow has sure come a long way since the “Whip My Hair” days (which really weren’t that long ago). But time flies when you’re a teen, and the process of finding one’s identity is basically cranked up to warp speed. Add hormones and growth spurts, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t recognize the gorgeous young creative — unless you’ve been keeping track of the little fashionista. And let’s be honest, Willow’s everywhere. From her debut album ARDIPITHECUS, to being the new face of Chanel, to starring in campaigns for Marc Jacobs and Miss Dazey’s new sock range, well, let’s just say she’s rather busy for a 15 year old. We’re pretty sure we can expect great things from this sprouting universalist, but until then, you’ll just have to settle for getting her sensational style. Click…

Instapicc: Ciara

It’s impossible to fully express our obsession with this week’s instapicc, featuring the stuff of selfie-envy, Ciara, on her way to the Givenchy show at Paris fashion week. We’re not being too dramatic, that’s just how we’ve got to have it (ha!). Styled by Givenchy’s Artistic Director, Riccardo Tisci, Ciara donned a sheer lace cami, longline black coat, and wide-leg pants — all naturally Givenchy. And that fishtail braid? Messy perfection. Yes, it’s official. We want your goodies Ciara. Your beauty and fashion goodies, that is. What’s your top picc from Paris Fashion Week? Click on the image to get Ciara’s look. Image source:

Cherry Picc’d: The Jungalow

We’re getting a little wild with our cherry picc’d blog this week, The Jungalow. Created by blogger and designer, Justina Blakeney, we highly doubt there is any better place to get your bohemian home decor inspiration. “I’ve always just seen the world as a colorful, crazy place, and a place where experimentation is allowed, and mistakes are allowed. It’s wild and funky, and spunky, and colorful, and fun, but also homey,” explains Blakeney. How can you not get on board with that aesthetic, especially since there’s so much more than design that Blakeney has on offer, like recipes (this coconut milk pumpkin soup looks too good not to try), crafts and style. And with that it’s into the wild we go! Here’s some of Blakeney’s featured decor that we’re admittedly obsessed with. What’s your top picc? Click on the image to get this home decor or something like it. Get Piccing now. Photo credit: The Jungalow.…

Instapicc: Brie Larson

Welcome to the Academy Awards edition of instapicc! Despite the controversy surrounding the Oscars this year, we were still glued to our screens to see what the biggest names in Hollywood would don on their big night. And boy, were there some well dressed gents and ladies, and equally as bad choices made (cough, cough Heidi Klum). But we were well impressed with the rising star of Brie Larson, who walked away with Best Actress for her role in Room. And that’s why this gorgeous lass is our instapicc this week, with her stellar statement belt, wrapped around a Gucci gown. Who was your top picc on the red carpet? Click on the image to get Brie Larson’s award-winning look. Image source: